ActiKnow provides customized solution to companies to improve business outcomes by identifying the potential automation areas and automating those areas. Automation has helped our clients in cost reduction, better performance, increase productivity and increase reliability.


VBA Automation

A lot of our customers still use MS Excel and MS Access. This is not only time consuming but error prone as well. VBA Automation helps companies focus on optimization, data accuracy, faster processing and standardizing business processes tasks. We have helped our clients to develop VBA Automation Solutions which help them significantly in data accuracy and report customization.

Process Automation

While Automation is all about automating certain tasks in a process and remaining work is still being done by people, evolution of Process Automation has further reduced need of  human interventions and work is carried out by Bots. Benefits of Process automation are immediate and very significant resulting into

  • Higher stakeholder Satisfaction (Employees/Customers)
  • Higher Productivity Gains
  • Improved Compliance

Process automation is applicable in various functions of an organization such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, Compliance, IT support etc..
Our process automation approach is a well defined one and key steps are :

  • Assessment of process area
  • Process optimization
  • Selection of right tool/solution
  • How much to achieve (ratio between humans and bots)
  • Impact of process automation on other non-automated processes
  • Deployment planning ( plan, change management, risks and mitigation etc.)

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