Custom BI Solutions

If you do not intend to use a third party BI tool, we can develop your own BI tool. This is very similar to an SAAS product which provides reports customized per requirements. The following reasons gives a push to go for a customized solutions

  • Third party BI solutions may not cater to all kinds of reports you want to look at.
  • You can avoid subscription cost since customized BI solutions comes with a one time development and nominal maintenance cost.
  • If you have an ERP with limited reporting features you need an BI solution available in the same product.
  • If you have a Custom BI solution there is no need to share your data with any third party service provider/tool. Everything resides in-house in control.
  • You can upgrade the features at any point of time.
  • You will be the owner of your application.

Custom BI Technologies

Ruby on Rails

Why Custom BI?


Overcome limitations of boxed BI tools. Personalize & enhance BI experience.

Saves Cost

Avoid paying subscription costs for using third party business intelligence tools.

In-House & In-Control

No data sharing with third party tools. Enables you to upgrade features anytime.

We build custom softwares to cater to your specific business needs. At Actiknow, we understand that each business is unique with its own set of requirements:

  • Web Application Development.
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Desktop Application Development.
  • Integration Services.
  • Migration to New Tech-Stack
  • Maintenance and Support

We have evolved as a preferred custom BI vendor for our clients operating in various domains from all across the globe.

  • Globally, we rated amongst top 1% for our various skills.
  • Possesses comprehensive understanding of various domains.
  • 30+ consultants with hands on experience in delivering custom BI solutions.
  • Clientele includes Deloitte, Aircel, NCR Corp, HCL, Wipro, Goodyear etc.
  • Delivered 200+ applications in last 4 years of operations.
  • 100% satisfied customers

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