How to make waterfall chart in Tableau?

To understand how a starting value of an entity is affected by a series of values or if you want to analyze cumulative data, with which a sequential output is derived, Waterfall Chart is an answer to it.

Waterfall chart is helpful if there is gradual transition in the quantitative value of an entity which is subjected to increase or decrease.

So let us get started and follow the steps to make Waterfall Chart.

Oh! Just a second, before designing the chart first let us understand the data:-

Case Study:

Below is a simple case study of a service provider company. The diagram is showing various phases of a Members life cycle within a time frame. Right from registering into the system till leaving, the number of members stay at the end of year is the final result of this sequence.


Dimension: – Member-Type is having different categories of members in the system.

• New Members: – One who has just joined the system.
• Expansion Members: – Old members who have renewed the service contract completely.
• Contraction Members: – Old members who have renewed the service contract partially.
• Churn Members: – Old members who have closed the service contract.
• Total Members: – Total members at the end of the Year.

Measure: – members have count against all the categories for members.

Steps to create Waterfall chart

Step 1:– Create calculated field on measure Members as ‘Member-Sum‘ that will have sum([Members]).


Step 2:– Drag ‘Member-type’ dimension in column and Member-Sum measure in Row.


Step 3:– Change the chart type to Gantt Bar.


Step 4:– Drag calculation Member_Sum in size


Step 5:– Edit in shelf and put minus sign in Member-Sum calculation in size , now the chart will change to below screen.


Step 6:– Do running total for Member-Sum in Rows


We are almost there.

Step 7:– Drag Member-Type to Color and add Row Grand total to it.


And there it is, with all the above steps competed what you see on your screen is the Waterfall Chart.

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Author: Shivani Paliwal
Shivani has over 7 years of experience in project management and execution. She leads the BI and Data Analytics team at Actiknow and has expertise in industry leading BI Tools. She has extensive knowledge in implementing sales, marketing, operations and digital dashboards.

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