Product Engineering

We work with clients to define workflows and built custom software to help optimize those processes. Process optimization is achieved through one or more of the following:

  • Automating tasks that do not necessarily require human intervention
  • Automating Quality control
  • Automating checks and balances to minimise errors
  • Enabling mobility to teams and workflows

Our product engineering methodology is agile and centered around the user. All our processes for product engineering are undertaken with the user’s complete involvement and understanding the end user’s expectations is our biggest strength. Our product engineering practice focuses on these three overlapping areas:

Product Engineering Services

Our team undertakes mobility enablement of processes that are done in parts due to various constraints. Mobility enables processes at remote locations or on the field to instantly sync with central locations thus reducing data entry costs, errors etc and providing a real time workflow. We have worked with clients on various projects like enabling submission of leads by field forces, on site machinery audits, electronic health records, etc which were earlier managed through paper forms and then re-entered onto a system. Read More


We provide customized solutions to improve business outcomes by identifying the potential automation areas and automating those areas. Automation has helped our clients in cost reduction, better performance, increased productivity and increased reliability. Our automation projects include applications that help in preparing legal documents for property sale contract, creating brochures for events, getting data from various sources for monthly reports, automating 360 feedback, employee referral systems etc. Read More

SAAS based tools

Processes that are used across by a large number of clients have been built out as tools that clients can install on their server or through our AWS managed servers. This saves a lot of the product engineering cost and hence is very cost effective. Our Rockchat Chatbot answers queries regarding ticket status etc for the banking domain resulting in a reduction of over 2000 man hours of effort for a single client at one tenth the cost.Read More

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