Streamlining Audits – A Case Study


Our client is a large manufacturer of ATM machines and provides managed services to Banks globally to maintain ATM & POS machines. 

The Challenge:

How to increase compliance & reduce paperwork while seamlessly collecting audit information?
The field force that conducts the maintenance uses a paper checklist. When they visit the ATM the audit team need to complete all check points. These are then submitted to the Regional offices to be compiled and sent to the Banks as a regulatory measure. The task is simple but tedious and time consuming.

The Solution:

Actiknow devised and developed LiveAudit, a mobile app that has paperless forms that the maintenance staff can use instead. The data collected through the app can be viewed real time in a web based application by the senior management; ensuring the quality checks are being performed on a regular basis.


When a user conducts a maintenance visit, they select the ATM/POS that they are at from a list and click a picture of the ATM using the app

The app verifies their location by extracting the location from the image sent and matching them to the ATM location on the map. Then the app takes them to the checklist

Once they are through with the checklist, they sign the report and submit.

The app allows users to upload images and comments during the preventive maintenance thus facilitating easy exchange of information.

This immediately goes to a server and is available for review on a web based portal for the client as well as the bank.

The data collected via the app can be analysed in several ways to identify machines that have frequent issues, identify issues that occur frequently etc.

Benefits of Live Audit:

1. Forget HUGE Paperwork
2. Added transparency
3. Added accountability into the system.
4. Increased compliance & efficiency
5. The audit results are immediately shared with technical team for prompt action
6. Data which was earlier unutilized and collected only for regulatory purposes now serves as a means for conducting smart preventive maintenance
7. Highlights results with visual statistics & use results to understand areas of improvement
8. Easier to deploy, reduce costs & easily manageable

Author: Sumit Jhunjhunwala
Sumit has over 10 years of experience in the implementation of ITES and Analytics services across various domains. He has managed & delivered several multi-geography projects providing thought leadership & direction to teams. He has helped companies analyse data from varied sources to come up with unique strategies to tackle problems and take growth to new heights. Sumit holds an engineering and postgraduate degree in Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology from IIT Delhi.

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